1940’s Stonefield Public Park

A photo thought to be the 1940’s taken at Stonefield Public Park. This is the Glasgow Road entrance. The main boulevard leading from the gates to the children’s play area, now no longer there replaced instead by sheltered housing at that location.

Amongst the young trees are beautiful flowerbeds, edged paths and trellis frames. The Cowan Wilson Memorial Arch a lovely focal point near the entrance. It is said in future Wartime years, the iron drive saw many railings taken away as part of the war effort, which may have been the end of the iron railings along Glasgow Road pictured on the small walls.

The elevated position of the camera was likely from the upper windows of the double storey Annfield tenement formerly not far from the corner of Victoria Street. With thanks to Rob Gordon for this photo, which I know was made into a postcard of the era.

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  1. I walked on this wide tarmac covered path (never known as ‘boulevard’ in my memory) daily on my way to Low Blantyre School 1943-49 entering from Station Road. I suspect this photo is earlier than that, although beautiful flower filled borders were definitely there.
    The ‘boulevard’ certainly led to the children’s playground BUT that area of now grassed over.
    The sheltered housing area (Stonefield Park Gardens, where my late parents used to live) occupies the area immediately behind the houses on the left of photo (which had allotments in my day, possibly seen in the photo) and extending to right a bit behind the Cowan Wilson Memorial Arch (now so devoid of beautiful flower bed surroundings).
    I am so sad at the loss of Stonefield Public Park

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