Narrow Escape of Old Woman, 1900

About 11 o clock on the evening of Saturday 31st May 1900, smoke was seen coming from a door and window of a property in Hunthill Road. The alarm quickly raised.

This was the house of Mrs Fulton, a widow who lived alone. On the door being forced, the house was found to be full of flames and the old woman lying on the floor, overcome by the smoke. She was quickly lifted up and out the building to safety.

She was about 73 years old and the fire is thought to have started when she knocked over a lit paraffin lamp which set fire to the bed clothes and furniture. Although suffering from shock, the woman was not burned, but her rescuers found it strange that she wanted back into the burning house, before the flames were attended to.

It was later found that a chest of drawers, quite burnt by the fire contained bundles of bank notes, which remarkably were untouched.

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