Great Rainfall, 1900

Despite being Summer, Monday 2nd July 1900 saw a great unexpected rainfall in Blantyre.

Between five o clock and half past six, merely for an hour an a half, a deluge never seen before fell upon the district immediately flooding out properties. It didn’t let up for 90 minutes, falling with a force causing raindrops to rebound upwards when hitting the ground.

A number of houses and shops were soon flooded out including McAlpines Buildings on Glasgow Road. The road from the toll to the station (Station Road) was completely submerged, impassable and a great quantity of water rushed down the station road, flooding the platforms and track.

In High Blantyre at Larkfield, Barnhill and Hunthill there were also great flooding. Miners returning from work were seen taking off their boots completely and wading through the water. Beyond the flooding and dampness caused to buildings, thankfully there were no injuries.

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