Crossbasket £15m Expansion

The most ambitious, expensive commercial build Blantyre has ever seen, continues at a pace.

As you’re aware, I like to document new buildings and one in particular has caught the attention of Blantyre residents. This week, I took a little walk in the sunshine to get a few photos.

As you may have seen this week, substructure construction work at Crossbasket’s expansion is now largely out the ground, with much of the foundation work complete and walls going up at the expansive High Blantyre site. 

Crossbasket owners, Steve Timoney and Alison Reid-Timoney are bringing a further £15m investment to the area with the construction of a new 40-bedroom hotel, a modern restaurant and events space, two five-bedroom eco-friendly cottages, and two spa cottages each with three dedicated treatment rooms. People will be able to dine and be entertained by live music and acts, promising thrilling nights out with friends and family. All set in the most beautiful surroundings overlooking the leafy Calder, river and Four Angel Falls.

Construction has been screened off carefully from the existing beautiful Crossbasket grounds and Castle, so as not to interfere with any current business, with construction activities being managed and timed sympathetically and carefully. No disruption to existing guests.

The expansion of estate, which will triple existing capacity at Crossbasket and recently announced extension of ICMI’s management contract, signify high levels of confidence in Scotland’s top-class tourism, hospitality sectors and Blantyre as a desirable destination.

I’ve no issues in “talking up” the positive impact this development will have. Crossbasket has put Blantyre on the map, provided many jobs and though Blantyre people themselves will have little need to stay at the hotel, the building is attracting people to the area, renovated and saved, no longer derelict, that in itself worth speaking positively of.

Once complete, the new hotel and venue will have capacity for an additional 35,000 visitors each year and importantly, provide over 50 new jobs for the local area. This should deliver a projected economic boost to the South Lanarkshire economy of £1.2m per annum and establishing the region as a leading tourism destination.

We hope to reach out to Crossbasket, as we did with the previous build, to provide further history about this particular location in the hope that somehow it can be integrated into the new development in some manner. Finally, a reminder this is a large building site, with access prohibited and protected by site security. We hope to provide official updates and press releases as the development continues.

The first guests are expected to be welcomed to the new hotel and restaurant after Summer 2024.

Photos: Blantyre Telegraph

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