1899 The Priory Bicycle

Pictured around 1899 in this previously unseen amazing photo is Mary Ann Fleming and husband David Ritchie. I think this is Stoneymeadow Road, (where they were photographed in other pictures). At the time the Blantyre couple lived in School Lane, High Blantyre along with their small children.

David, a joiner and early photographer, as well as a member of Livingstone choir, was also a member of the East Blantyre Cycle Club, which formed in 1899.

Adverts of 1899 local newspapers told of the popularity of a new bicycle in Blantyre. The “Priory” bicycle which had been made upwards of 3 years by Thomas Henderson of Glasgow Road, Blantyre was a popular vehicle at the time. Thomas ran a bicycle shop at Clydeview. The advert told of its popularity, proven to be one of the best makes and was becoming much better known. This was a luxury item, costing between £9 and £13 3s, depending on the male or female bicycle. It looks like the Ritchie family may well had one of each! These bikes look new and I suspect the photo was being taken to show that!

Thomas Henderson’s shop also specialised in repairs. Of course this was all 124 years ago! Today the shop would be the Sun House Chinese Takeaway.

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