Sad Shooting Affair, 1901

Continuing a look at some old stories from Blantyre, which hopefully you haven’t heard of before. All suitably illustrated with my new AI generated software.

On Saturday 2nd March 1901, a distressful shooting incident happened at Spittal Rows, just off Hamilton Road (where now Bardykes Bing is). The incident took place in a terraced home occupied by miner, John Paton.

Besides the members of the family, there were some friends in the house and the son, also John Paton had a revolver in his possession. John began showing off the gun to those in the house.

Whether unaware, naive or forgetting that the gun was loaded, it was not clear, but to the horror of the company, the gun went off and his sister fell to the ground. The bullet had lodged in her side as Sarah, (18) held her wound with two hands, bleeding.

Medical aid was at once sent for (something I’m sure in those days may have taken some time) and the injured girl was taken to the Royal Infirmary. Thankfully she progressed back to health quite favourably.

Her brother John, was almost beside himself with concern, regret and grief but his intention to report himself to police vanished as Sarah recovered. Unfortunately though, neighbours heard the gunshot and police ended up involved. He ended up later in Hamilton Sheriff Court and clearly this was all an accident. Bail was fixed at £12 to avoid prison sentencing.

Photo Courtesy: Blantyre Project AI Generated.

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