Coronation Day, 1953

It doesn’t happen very often, but today Saturday 6th May, a new monarch has their Coronation Day.

We’re getting into the spirit of things today, with auld Blantyre photos. One Blantyre Project reader told me, “My name is Giovanna Mandel and my mom, Catherine Miller was born and raised in Blantyre on Priory Street after moving from Dixon Rows in 1938.”

“She is now nearly 88 and has lived her life from 18 years onwards here in America. My two aunties, Annie Miller (second row, second from left) and Norma Miller (third row, fourth from left) and are in this Blantyre photo taken in 1953 in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. I thought it might be fun to see as the coronation of Charles is tomorrow, 70 years later. I absolutely LOVE your work and I appreciate the amount of time and hours you labor over this project.”

What a great photo! Having seen a couple of Coronation celebration photos from 1953, it’s clear children all enjoyed themselves. Their smiles giving away the happiness as entire streets got together to celebrate.

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