Blantyre Parish Council, 1901

This photo from 1901, taken from a local newspaper of the time is Blantyre Parish Council. The occasion of the photo was the opening of the new Parish Council chambers in Cemetery Road.

Although not the best photo, the names of all these men who shaped the affairs of Blantyre, some for decades previous to this are known. Apologies for the quality of the pictures but it was 122 years ago!

The back row from left to right is: William Thorburn, Walter Batters, James Louden, Dr Grant, John Reid, Alexander Davidson, John Paterson and John Fullerton.

The middle row, left to right is: Hugh McMillan, William Reid, Thomas Jackson, Neil Douglas, Alexander McMillan, Angus McQuarrie and John Hastie.

The front row left to right is: Zachariah Nimmo, Hugh Robson, Dr Girvan, AB Maxwell, John Thomson and Andrew McAnulty. I’m assured also Neil Douglas’s dog, “Rover” is there too.


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  1. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

    Paul – can this Dr. Girvan be related to my Girvin/Girvan family who lived in the McAlpin Building on Glasgow Road? Feel better pal.

  2. Jean Andrew (ne Nimmo)

    Absolutely incredible have not seen a photograph of great great grandpa Nimmo and were thrilled to see him (although blurry) in this 1901 Council Photo . So made my day and found it emotional.

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