Vacant Site, 2003

Going back 20 years now to 2003 and to Glasgow Road to the site where once the former Community Centre stood.

This photo was shared by Rob Gordon who told me it was taken in October 2003. I’m sure many people will remember the community centre which stood for several decade previous. The Glasgow Road Community Centre was opened on Wednesday 13th April, 1938. The building was one storey, opening out and with frontage to Glasgow Road. It certainly had architectural features of an art-deco style, typical of public buildings in the 1930’s. The high raised arched window of the large hall, gave the building an appearance of having further storeys.

Following 1997, the Blantyre Community Centre at 291 Glasgow Road lay derelict for a few years well into post Millennium years. In the first half of 2003, it was completely demolished and the land lay vacant again for a few years. It is now many residential flats at modern Mayberry Grange.

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