John T Weir b1832-d1902

With research resuming again, I’m still intent on pushing ahead with telling the short stories of some Blantyre prominent figures. Those who shaped our past. This may not be particularly interesting to everybody, but their stories and lives deserve to be retold and recorded. On Thursday 27th March 1902, the death took place of well known Blantyre man John T Weir, at his residence, Park, Blantyre.

Mr Weir was born in Park, Blantyre about 1832, but early in his life, he sought better adventures by heading on the long voyage to live in Australia. However, times were hard and his heart belonged to Blantyre, prompting him to come back in 1874, back to the property he was born at.

The younger generation in 1902, may not have known Mr Weir too well, but from the 1870s’ he took a prominent position in the affairs of Blantyre Parish. In August of 1875 he became a member of Blantyre Parochial Board and in 1886 was appointed Chairman of that organisation. He held this office until May 1895.

However, when the Parish Council came into existence, Mr. Weir didn’t take any part in the affairs of the parish. Not because of disinterest, but because of failing health for a full year.

A year before his death, in 1901, he had gone to Bridge of Allan, seeking countryside and fresher air, away from Blantyre’s industrial skies. However, sadly he passed away in March 1902, aged 70 years.

His remains were brought back to High Blantyre, where exception was made, and he was buried in the quite full, old Burying Ground at the kirkyard at High Blantyre on Monday 31st March 1902. A large number of friends were present for the funeral.

Pictured by myself in Summer 2015, is the old Kirkyard, close to the position where Mr Weir now rests.

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