John Frame Dow b1842 – d1903

On Wednesday 17th June 1903, Blantyre residents were shocked to learn of the death of well known Mr. John Dow, the owner of Stonefield Saw Mills. John passed away at his residence Woodbine Cottage at Forrest Street.

At the beginning of 1903, it had been necessary to amputate one of John’s legs at the knee. He apparently made a good recovery, even starting to work again although in April he caught a chill, the effect of which meant he became seriously ill.

Born in Strathaven on 29th October 1842, he was the son of father, Thomas, was 36 and his mother, Jean, was 36. He married Lilias Baxter on 9 October 1863. They had 11 children in 25 years. John Frame Dow first came to Blantyre in 1882, aged 39 (not in 1879 as a newspaper incorrectly reported) changing profession from grocer and setting up as a joiner, doing well from the expansion and building of many properties along Glasgow Road. This enabled his sawmill business to flourish, become successful and well known. During the intervening years, John Dow made many friends in Blantyre and although never took any part in the running of community affairs, he was a gentleman who enjoyed the respect of everybody he came into contact with. He was 61 years old when he passed and was buried in High Blantyre Cemetery. He was survived by a widow and a grown up family.

Pictured is an AI representation of this article, not actually Mr Dow, but used merely for illustration only. If anybody has a real photograph of Mr Dow, I’d be happy to quickly remove the illustration.

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