Not long now

I know you’ve all been missing new articles whilst I’ve been recovering. I’m doing well and feeling better and though not 100%, I’ve had a good break and well enough to return to Blantyre Project.

So….the countdown is on. Daily articles will resume here again, scheduled in advance from Wednesday 22nd March in just 2 days time! Thank you all for patience and understanding as I got over this wee difficult bump in my life adventures. I really did need some time off but excited again now to be back to writing and research again.


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  1. Thanks everybody. Yes, Jim, always keen on hearing about anything Milheugh or Calder related.

  2. Aye, a difficult time indeed Paul, but time will heal, the body does so also in Sync. I have news of a Millheugh intrigue if you are interested

  3. Glad you are feeling better!

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