Welcoming the Champion, 1903

In August 1903 Mr James Brown Junior, an accomplished bowler from Blantyre won the Scottish Championships. The bowling championship category was won single handed and as you would imagine when word spread of his achievement, the community wanted to do something in recognition.

James was one of the youngest bowlers ever seen in Blantyre, which made his National achievement all the more remarkable. However, this story also notes what happened next.

With the utmost enthusiasm roused in High Blantyre where the champion resided, arrangements were promptly made to celebrate the occasion.

As Mr Brown arrived into Blantyre Station, he received a great ovation from the villagers, who had turned out in their hundreds. Headed by the Auchinraith band playing ‘The Conquering Hero’, a torchlight procession was formed. The young hero was then borne shoulder high on the shoulders of the strongest men and taken through the streets to his parents’ house.

Mr Brown Senior (also a notable bowler) warmly thanked the gathering for the hearty and unexpected welcome for his son. The family valued the warm reception just as much as the honour which had been won that day on the bowling green grounds of the Queens Park Club.

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