Violinist, 1905

Showcasing more previously unseen photos online, some I’ve held back until now, as I don’t have particulars about them. What is known, is that this photo was taken by David Ritchie of High Blantyre sometime between 1896 and 1910.

The smartly dressed, handsome man is unknown, as is the location so I’m hoping somebody may recognise this musician one day. He carries a rather fine violin and bow.

Some observations about the photo. In front of a stone building, the old window frame is rotting with paint coming off. The blinds look modest and functional and great efforts have been made to form a beautiful window box of flowers and greenery. About two foot off the wall, newish looking timber trellis look ready to perhaps receive climbing roses, honeysuckle or climbing clematis.

This gent doesn’t look like a typical Blantyre miner and I suspect he has some profession other than that. This time the shoes are most definitely presentable and shiny!

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