Postal Service Changes, 1904

An important change took place to postal services in Blantyre at the end of October 1904. A change which proved immense advantage to the shopkeeping community.

A dispatch was arranged from the Stonefield Road Post Office and Glasgow Road Post Office at 6.15am, with the new arrangement of earlier work by postal workers. The target was to allow mail to be removed from Blantyre by 6.15am train to Glasgow, instead of the previous arrangement at 10am.

The new arrangement allowed letters to be delivered by first delivery, allowing shopkeepers to get their restocking orders in earlier. We have to remember, the significance of this, at time before telephones.

In 1904, there were eight postmen in Blantyre, an amount considered more than sufficient for the population. The Stonefield Post Office is pictured around a decade later.

1916 Low Blantyre Post office at Stonefield

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