Happy New Year 2023

Last year I had a particularly ambitious New Year’s message hoping for the best year for us all. This year, I’ve toned it down a little with a realistic outlook. Life doesn’t always turn out at its very best and with an unexpected war in Ukraine causing further cost of living issues, the misery of Brexit, health problems and covid still around, there were some difficult times this last year for many of us. Not to mention going through 3 prime ministers in as many months! I’m no good at what’s coming next. So this year, I’ll simply say here’s wishing all Blantyre Project readers all over the world best health, good fortune, peace and happiness in 2023. 

For Blantyre Project, there were some 2022 highlights….

  • New articles appeared faithfully throughout the year, every single day, and thanks to scheduling in advance, even whilst I was on the operating table getting major heart surgery!
  • There are now over 15,900 photos on the main Blantyre Project website.
  • The “Journey in Time Vol 5“, Blantyre book was released.
  • Book sales continue to be steady with proceeds going to local good causes like the recent toy drive.
  • I was thrilled to research and put up more personal stories of fallen WW1 soldiers and the miners who lost their lives in the 1877 disaster, taking further steps towards all their stories being told.

but a lowlight…..

  • A major health issue was upon me in 2022. Deadlines unfortunately fell by the wayside as I put my health into priority. My involvement in community groups tapered off intentionally. I still had time to write in evenings and weekends, but was unable to take several drafts to publication. I always want to make each book as best as it can possibly be, so didn’t rush.

So what about 2023?

Blantyre Project is 12 years old in 2023. I’m going to take 2023, one day at a time here, with no commitments, no pressure. I’ll still be writing and scheduling new articles here on a daily basis and I assure you, there’s plenty more new photos and articles to come. Who knows, perhaps I’ll even get some of these book drafts finally complete! Here’s what I’ve been working on in the background, all for release in 2023:

  1. The Mariasnki Chronicles – Small book on the story of a Victorian era local character.
  2. Greenhall – The detailed history of Greenhall Estate, High Blantyre.
  3. The Trials of Little Bird – a tale of Irish immigration, my own first novel set in the 1870’s.

Meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy Blantyre Project and my daily articles and photos.  I’ve SO much more to share. Thank you sincerely for all your appreciated support and engaging comments and for keeping me so highly motivated.

For now though, it’s time to celebrate, my glass is half full and family beckon me to closedown this laptop. Wherever you are in the world, Happy New Year! Paul V


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  1. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    A very happy, productive, abundant new year to you too Paul, family and Michael, lang indeed may yer lums reek!!

  2. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

    Paul and Paula and Annalily – Happy and Healthy and Successful 2023 to you all, from this Long Island, New Yorker – an avid reader of your postings, and a son of Blantyre.

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