All Dressed up, 1920

Alan Knipe kindly shared this great photo of his grandparents on the right. The caption shows this as being BlantyreFarme Colliery and is thought to be 1920, some 102 years ago.

Duncan Gray is on the left. I have no way of checking who worked at Blantyre Ferme Colliery at any given time, but I suppose it is possible he was employed at the time of the photo. The 1921 census has him as an unemployed miner.

These look like two couples, holding on tightly to each other, certainly a closeness that would likely only be found in close relationships. They aren’t dressed like miners, so may have been above ground workers. Perhaps in or around the many buildings at the pit head. 

I’m unfamiliar with the hat being worn on the left. Personally I think both men were working at this pit at the time. The smiles and captioned photo suggest a playful scene showing their partners where they were working and the women may have put on the overalls and hats especially for a tongue in cheek photo.

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