Peace & Tranquility

Looking through my own photos from the last decade, I found this one, still a favourite. Taken by myself in 2015, this is the Kirkyard at Kirkton, (High Blantyre).

The Hamilton Advertiser picked up on it in June 2015 and used it for a feature at the time. I remember sitting with my laptop open in Summer that year, on the grass , within the Kirkyard which I admit isn’t most people’s idea of a Saturday afternoon.

I was final editing my Crossbasket book and stopped to take this photo, in a quiet moment which reflected the beauty of the place. This is very near home for me and I think writing about so many people in this cemetery, I feel quite connected to the ancient place. I can’t really explain this, but I feel at peace and comforted being in this location, always with an overwhelming feeling of peace, being shut off from the rest of the world by that Kirkyard high wall, including the busy road nearby.

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