Football Team

This photo has been shared with Blantyre Project. Trying to find out what date it is and the name of the team.

Does anybody know the pupils or the teacher on the right? The big guy in the far left was James (Jim) Brown, the grandfather of Jay B who shared the photo. His parents lived in Priory Street while he lived in Boswell Drive. He was the Janitor at Blantyre High (aka Janny Broon) along side Jimmy Maxwell.

Jay told me. “Jimmy & my Papa also happened to be cousins. Not sure when this photo was taken, or who the woman is. What I do know is that he coached school football teams. I think this might have been Blantyre vics judging by the strip? He had connections with the club too.”

I think this looks like Calder Street school, before Blantyre High was built, so it may have been the early 70s? Hopefully readers can help.

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