1960’s High Blantyre School

Today’s previously unseen photo is one which many people will recognise as the former High Blantyre School on Hunthill Road. Pictured in the snowy 1960’s, the school was by this time over 90 years old. This may stir up some memories for Blantyre residents as they remember back to their childhood and walking to school in snowy winters like this. The snow piled high on the pavements, walking on the slippy road and lack of vehicles out and about.

I have good memories of going to this school, (then nicknamed the Annexe) in the second half of the 1970’s, although even then, the building felt old and behind the times by comparison to the new primary school at Broompark Road.

In the background on the right, is the former railway bridge near the top of Stonefield Crescent. With thanks to George Hay for this incredibly nostalgic photo.

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