1958 Auchinraith Bing

Thanks to Anthony Smith who recently shared these wonderful Blantyre photos from 1958.

Pictured, from the top of the former Auchinraith colliery bing, these photos overlook Auchinraith and Springwells, looking westwards across Blantyre. Taken some 64 years ago, the changing face of Blantyre around this time included post WW2 prefab housing, new schools and far off on the other side of Blantyre the creation of the Wheatlands Housing Estate.

You can instantly get an idea of the height of the bing. There would have been some uncertainty too, as this was around the time of the end of pits in Blantyre, the closure of Dixons, although this bing pictured hadn’t been added to since 1930.

Great photos!

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