McLean Student Project

Shortly after the lockdowns ended, local resident Jean McLean and I met where she kindly gave Blantyre Project a nice gift. It was a student project she did many years ago in the early 1960s and the subject matter was “Blantyre”.

Bound in a nice folder, Jean all those years ago wrote an historical survey about Blantyre, which also contained many references to history, population and amenities. The grade she got for this study will remain private. Meantime, today and in the coming days with her prior permission, I would like to share some of the pages, photos and words with you all. This was a great snapshot too of life in Blantyre in the 1950’s and 60s.

We start off with a great photo taken in the early 1960’s of the former Bardykes Colliery, which even then had been closed.

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