Defunct Volunteer Corps, 1893

Throughout the 19th Century, the Volunteer D Company of Blantyre had served as an efficient contingent of the movement. Formed in 1859, the men who openly volunteered were drilled in the ways of the military, ever ready for the British cause, should war or military need arise.

However, by 1893, with the then recent stoppage of Blantyre Works Mills, although there was a large mining population still remaining in Blantyre, there was difficulty in obtaining new recruits for the movement. With the downturn in recruitment, the War office was left with no choice than to transfer the Blantyre headquarters to Larkhall. The resident members of Larkhall A and B companies were under the same arrangement, transferred to a new company, and the remaining members of the Blantyre corps to the East Kilbride Company.

Renewed interest in military movements happened in Blantyre shortly after with the announcement of the Boar Wars in 1899 and of course the many men who signed up for service at the outbreak of WW1.

Blantyre soldiers (of the Cameronians) are pictured around 1909.

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