Pretty Crossbasket Function, 1905

A spectacular ball was held at Crossbasket House in High Blantyre in October 1905. On Wednesday 25th October that year, a coming of age function was held in honour of Miss Neilson, the daughter of George Neilson, owner of Crossbasket and Summerlee.

It was by all accounts, a very pretty affair, when on that dark early Winter evening, the sweeping driveway leading up to Crossbasket house was decoratively lit up on either side by lanterns. This not only gave a most pleasing appearance, but had a purpose too of welcoming the earliest of motorcars up the driveway. “Machine after machine” was said to arrive to this grand party given by the parents of the young lady.

Upwards of 120 guests attended, amongst them the elite gentry from surrounding estates. This included Colonel Harrington Stuart of Torranace, Mr& Mrs Cochrane of Calderglen, Miss Gilmour Eaglesham, Mr Todd of Eastwood Park, Mr & Mrs Bannatyne of Milheugh, Mrs Moore, Miss David and Mr Armstrong of Greenhall.

Crossbasket House is now rebranded as Crossbasket Castle and is pictured in the evening lit up in modern times. Beautiful!

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