Ritchie Siblings, 1895

These little faces (I think) are Blantyre siblings, Minnie and James Ritchie. A photo remarkably taken around 1895, some 127 years ago!

Their father was David Ritchie, a master joiner and likely the person who took the photo given his keen interest in photography. Their mother was Mary Ann Fleming. The parents married in Strathaven in 1888 before settling down in various places in Blantyre. The family lived at School Lane, then Broompark Avenue and later at Main Street.

The photo was likely taken near their home in this era at School Lane.

Its difficult to imagine how different the world was then. Queen Victoria still on the throne, before cars on the roads and almost a decade BEFORE trams even appeared in Blantyre. WW1 was still almost 2 decades away and Blantyre was very much, a mining village.

David may have made this little barrow for the children, as it features in several of his photos.

With thanks to Alex Bowie for sharing.

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