Margaret Smith 1901 – 1967

Reader, Jennifer Deans wrote, “Hi. I’m looking for some help, my dads gran. Margaret Smith born 1901-d1967. Lives at White House, Loanend cottages alongside several brothers and sisters. I am wondering if anyone can remember them?”

Jennifer provided this picture of Maggie and a postcard from her sister Jean in 1922 whilst in transit travelling over the Atlantic. I was able to add a little more information and replied.

“I have some information which may help clarify a few things. Jean and Maggie were indeed full sisters. Their mother Annie was widowed twice and the girls lived with the step siblings and of course their mother. They didn’t always live at White House. In 1911 census, the family are shown together at another house in Cambuslang. 

I’m happy to pass on this retrieved census to you for 1911 which shows the family members at that time, including a lodger. Please be aware this is all a Cambuslang story rather than Blantyre, so I wouldn’t normally get involved, but felt able to help in this instance”

Do you know this family, Maggie or able to make any further connections?

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  1. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    My mum was friends wi a Margaret Smith, Stonefield Parish church … didnt she die young?? Also lived down our street “hillview drive” the Margaret Smith my mum was pals with was a lovely young woman possibly relative of your Margaret ?? My Aunt is still alive who also knew Margaret my aunt is 97 nearly 98..

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