Royal Scots Greys Military Parade

On Saturday 12th May 1906, Blantyre was host to a mounted military parade.

The event was organised by Major Buckley Johnstone who, along with several non commissioned officers and many privates of the Royal Scots Greys, gave a mounted military display in Castle Park, just off Forrest Street, Blantyre.

The event took place on the football ground of Blantyre Vics and was something people didn’t want to miss. As well as the military horsemanship on display, for the crowds pleasure were sword and lance exercises, a cockado fight, tent pegging skills, bayonet v sword displays and the Greys marvellous marching display to music. There was an exceptional turnout to see this spectacle.

Looking back through notes, I can’t find other examples of such military displays in Blantyre, and this one looks to be fairly unique. The Scots Greys are pictured in 1906.

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