Giraffes or Cows? Which?

In May 1906, a letter from Auchinraith School Headmaster, Mr Welsh was submitted to the Blantyre School Board requesting that his fence around his home should be replaced. A strange request given the school house and its garden at the top of Craig Street was relatively new. This prompted some humorous debate by the Board.

The parklands, essentially a field adjoined the house and in it in that decade, grazed cattle. For a few years the cattle had been reaching over the fence and eating the young hedges. Indeed they were eating anything green planted in Mr Welsh’s garden within three foot of the low fence.

Mr Menzies on the Board questioned how cattle could reach three foot over a fence? A horse could not do it. This prompted some laughter as the Board further debated the issue.

Mr Neil Douglas piped up. Perhaps there were giraffes down Craig Street way? (renewed laughter).

Mr James Kelly took his turn. We have to protect Mr Welsh from cows or giraffes so perhaps a wall is in order? The matter was referred then to the School Committee for consideration and funding.

Pictured in the 1950’s and 1970’s is the School House at Craig Street, complete with modern fences and gates. Today, in 2022, it’s thought this nice house is now 123 years old.

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