Blantyre Hospital Repairs

Did you know before the Blantyre Cottage Hospital on Bardykes Road, Blantyre had another Hospital at the end of Cemetery Road, High Blantyre.

Photos of the former hospital are elusive, but this map from 1910 shows its location just off Victoria Street near what would now be the junction of Burnbrae Road. In November 1906, the Water Superintendent submitted a letter to the County Council complaining about the conditions inside the hospital.

The condition of the Hospital (which was for Infectious Diseases) was described then as deplorable and much in need of repairs, estimated to cost nearly £20. The medical officer said in his letter that the building should remain in possession of the Committee, and hinted there may be little need for this hospital in future, with discussion underway to build a cottage hospital. The Committee agreed the repairs however should be made but investigations should be made too about disposing of the building to others.

The hospital was still shown on maps of the mid 1930s.

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