A Lively Accident, 1906

On the evening of Saturday 23rd June 1906, great commotion spread through Blantyre upon hearing of a tragic accident which befell a local man.

James Lively was a 38 year old miner, who lived at Larkfield, Blantyre. James and his wife had been making their way home on foot along Glasgow Road and were in the vicinity of the old Toll House at Station Road. James who had been walking on the road, stepped up on to the pavement when he saw a horse and cart approaching but unfortunately, his foot caught on the kerb, causing him to trip. He rebounded backwards and fell directly into the path of the horse, which belonged to A Robertson, the bottlers of Springwells.

Before anything could be done, the horse and both wheels of the vehicle had passed over his body. He was attended by three medical gentlemen and taken to his home in Larkfield. However, sadly, he died shortly after arriving home. James Lively is remembered in this article. May he rest in peace,

1930s Robertsons Ginger cart (PV)

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