Update on Recovery

A little personal update. Yesterday marked 8 weeks since my triple bypass op. Been difficult, I won’t kid you, especially in March.

This week, I’m feeling strong again. My breast plate is healing nicely, fusing back together and the wires have stopped clicking. My chest and leg wounds have healed nicely, even starting to fade now, with no pain nor infection. My unexpected kidney infection has improved, no longer in pain but hopefully rest of the antibiotics will fix. I’m out pottering around the garden and in the house, slowly getting back to doing things I like. It was so nice today to plant up all my veg and flowers. Felt normal again. Also, sleeping soundly again. No more insomnia, cleared to (finally!) drive again and intentionally lost another stone in weight.

My breathlessness is getting better as each week passes, exertion from the op passing with time. My heart rate is nearing normal again and blood pressure has lowered a bit enough for me to half my long term meds! Certainly, I feel better than the many months of illness endured in 2021.

However, I’m still not 100% there, still tender at times and know my limitations, especially when trying to lift things. Sometimes i’ve got to take it slow and sitting at my laptop researching Blantyre Project is a good way of doing that without exertion. I look forward to eventually getting back to work. I miss my colleagues and the challenge of work, but I’m still off during May too. Thank you for the many wishes, emails and messages I’ve had these last few weeks. Sincerely appreciated.

As my surgeon so eloquently put it, “the life of Paul Veverka has certainly been prolonged”, so what more could I ever ask for! I’m thankful for the speed I was diagnosed and for the skill of the doctors, surgeon and nurses.

Continuing with a positive outlook, life is slowly and surely getting back to normal and pleased with my recovery so far.


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  1. Hi Paul, it sounds like you’ve had a bit of a rough time, especially “lifting” I would have thought that activity a huge “NO NO” until those chest plates have done healing?? And you are slowly getting back to normal which is lovely to hear, again, perhaps more slowly than you want, but it is best to let your body heal and listen to it saying “enough”! My Mum had a quadruple bi pass and she really knew how to take care of herself, “slowly and carefully” was her motto….so now that your “life has been prolonged,” long may it last and well done for losing another stone!! Legend!!

  2. Glad you’re healing well!

  3. Hope the improvements continue rapidly.

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