New Church Organ, 1907

Those who attend the David Livingstone Memorial Church will certainly have noticed the beautiful piping organ, a prominent feature of the interior. It’s safe to say thousands of hymns have been played on this remarkable instrument over the years.

The organ was built up inside the church during May 1907 and by Wednesday 29th May that year, it was ready to be unveiled to the congregation. The inauguration was most successful with a large turnout of members and friends of the congregation. The church, then known as Livingstone Memorial U.F Church was busy that Wednesday evening as people came to see the new organ and hear what it was capable of.

A service was conducted by Rev. T.A Hugh , M.A and the organ recital was undertaken by William McKillop, an organist from Parkhead Parish Church. The organ, built by Watt of Glasgow, played beautiful no thanks to the skills of its operator. William was assisted in his recital by soloists Miss Scoular, Miss Jessie Young, J.C Goldie and J.K Park. Music by Handel, Guilmant and Haydn was chosen for the performance leaving the audience satisfied and in marvel at the sound coming from the pipes. A large vote of thanks was provided to Mr McKillop at the end of the evening.

The Church is pictured a few years earlier when the outside walled area was much larger, before the widening of Glasgow Road for trams.

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