1933 Co-Operative Choir

Moyra Lindsay kindly shared this photo, which was taken in 1933. Pictured is the Blantyre Co-Operative Choir and the photo was taken perhaps in the Co-operative Hall. Her mum is pictured.

Everybody is smartly dressed though all the dark dresses and suits, I felt gave the picture a rather sombre appearance. The other thing I noticed was that people are fairly youthful, young men and women, where other photos of choirs , like for example church choirs tended to have a more senior membership.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful photo, Paul. I recognize my grandfather Andrew Mains, pianist in the middle of the front row. I don’t know the child in front of him. My grandfather married Elizabeth McClements (McClimens) on Boxing Day 1933. My grandmother, Elizabeth is at the very end on the right of the front row.
    I have never seen this photo before. As today is my birthday this is a great gift!

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