1965 Just Washed Hair

One from my own album. Probably my gran or grandpa who took this photo of my 18 year old mother in the back garden at Stonefield Crescent.

The album photo tag says ‘Janet, just washed hair, 1965’. A summers picture, my mother Janet Duncan, the youngest in the family has a towel wrapped up around her wet hair. The old Anderson Shelter, then used as a hut is apparent, which lasted even until I was an adult. Also, the strange object in the foreground, like a metal goalpost, was used to drape the rugs and carpets over, before beating the dust out them for cleaning. I remember it as a toddler, although by the mid 1970s, I’m sure the family got rid of it in favour of a modern Vacuum cleaner.

The house hasn’t changed too much, with exception of the windows, a loft conversion and as with most of the houses in the crescent, the reduced height of the chimney stacks for safety purposes.

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