Hunthill Signal Cabin, 1908

On the morning of Thursday 25th June 1908, the wooden signal cabin at Hunthill Railway Junction burned to the ground.

The cabin sat on the elevated railway line at High Blantyre and was located where the top of Stonefield Crescent is today. It was an important signal box, being situated on the junction of the Strathaven Branch of the Caledonian Railway, where the line split. One going to East Kilbride, the other ongoing up to High Blantyre and beyond to Strathaven.

It is thought a spark from a passing engine ignited the oily woodwork and once it had caught alight from the isolated position of the cabin, nothing could be done to save it. The damage caused was between £400 or £500.

The cabin was however rebuilt appearing again on later maps, indicating how vital it was.

The picture is from much later in 1962, as he railway embankment got removed. It is perhaps around this time that the remnants of the cabin was removed too. The photo looks done from this elevated position of where the cabin once stood, looking down on to Hunthill Road.

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