Another Look Village Auditorium

Following on from yesterday’s article, here’s the other side of the former outdoor auditorium at the Village, Blantyre.

Putting the scene into context, you can see Shuttle Row, the home of David Livingstone at the top right. The River Clyde just out the photo to the left. Can you imagine coming along to this location to hear somebody speaking, perhaps a political figure or maybe a band or some kind of entertainer?

Admittedly, it must have been quite difficult to maintain and cut the grass and perhaps sitting on the ground wasn’t for everybody. The outlines of some of these earthworks can still be seen to this day, though the auditorium itself is now all but forgotten.

Beyond this was the Rose Garden, beautifully tended, with trellises and you can see the gardeners greenhouse at the top of the hill. The Mill House (listed) in the background too. Today the grounds of the Livingstone Birthplace are needing upgrading. With so much potential, restatement of paths and gardens would be lovely for all the community. I know of grants made available for this purpose, so hopefully the beautification of the grounds becomes reality.

Again, i’ve coloured the photo to show the beauty of how it must have looked back in WW2 years.

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