Three Children in Greenhouse

This photo is from the collection by early Blantyre photographer, David Ritchie. These three little children’s names are unknown but are within a collection of Blantyre photos and so are most likely from Blantyre. The boys are perhaps twins, looking and dressing the same.

This collection of photos is between 1895 to 1905 and the children look dressed in fine clothes. David Ritchie lived at School Lane at the time and may have photographed these kids in their greenhouse around that location at High Blantyre. The photo is around 120 years old or so and I’ve coloured it to bring it back to life. These children have long since passed and indeed their own children would now be elderly.


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  1. Amazing and beautiful photo, feel as though I am in the greenhouse with them. Well done Paul.
    Jan Jackson

  2. mazing and beautiful photo, Jan Jackson

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