Blantyre Curling Club – Part 5

Continued from Part 4…..

Pictured in 1912 are the members of Blantyre Curling Club who played and won two major trophies at Glasgow Ice Rink. Standing left to right is Robert Scott, P.D Hastie, A.B Maxwell and J.F MacDonald. Seated left to right are James Brown (skip), David Hastie and James Hastie (Skip). The National trophies are pictured.

The pond at Greenhall fell out of use after Mr Wardop Moore of Greenhall died in 1912 and play by all Blantyre curlers took place at Stonefield, though a private rink was also used by Blantyre gentry at the turn of the Century on the Auchinraith Estate.

Over the years to 1929, an increasing amount of professional games were played at Glasgow Ice Rink in addition to the Club Pond at Stonefield. With Glasgow being a recognised venue, the club members took shares in the Glasgow Rink at £15 each and a decision was taken to book regular time there to practice. The decision to play at Glasgow in 1929 meant an end to playing outdoors in Blantyre, and as the sports grew in popularity and professionalism in the 1930’s, the former pond became the site of a brand new, Stonefield Public Park.


In 1930, Mr. PD Hastie presented the club with a gold gilt solid silver cup and silver spoons as prizes in memory of his father David Hastie, who was President of the club from 1901 to 1916. The Hastie men were accomplished bowlers and this was well known in most Blantyre circles. The Cup was to be competed for on League Principle in rinks. Two points for a win, one for a draw. If a draw happened on points, then a majority of shots would decided. Members of the winning rink were to receive a silver spoon each. In the first playing for the cup, PD Hastie himself and JF MacDonald finished equal on points and PD Hastie, the benefactor the cup won it on shots! Annual winners of the Hastie Trophy from 1930 to 1986 are attached.

AB Maxwell

We have to mention Mr. AB Maxwell, a well known Blantyre figure and later Councillor. Mr. AB Maxwell rendered excellent service to the club since 1893 for a remarkable 37 years, tendering his resignation in 1930. It was a record number of years that was never beaten for any member.

During that year the club entered the Lanarkshire Province. The first Curler’s Court of the Club was held on 16th February 1931 in the Freemasons Hall at Stonefield. Peter Robertson President of Duntocher Club presided. 28 members of the club , including honorary member Alex M Lindsey were initiated into the Brotherhood of Curlers. The Stoup, gifted by James Roberts had a surplus of £2 12s and this was donated equally between the Cottage Hospital and Blantyre Nurses Association. The Stoup remained property of the club and was to have winners names inscribed on it.

In 1934/35 season, the President and Vice Presidents prizes were allocated to the knock out competition. The winner was to receive the Presidents Prize and the runner up, the Vice Presidents. Another curlers court was held in which a further 21 members were initiated including Mr Hugh B Kerr, the father of a later President W.C Kerr.

In 1935/36 season David Hastie was created Honorary President of the Club.

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