Blantyre Curling Club – Part 2

Continued from Part 1…..

A year later during the 1888/89 season, improvements to the curling pond were made including the construction of a small clubhouse with lockfast boxes for rental, where members could keep their curling stones secure. This would have undoubtably been useful and avoided the need to hide or transport stones after games. The construction cost of the modest clubhouse was a mere £12 and 5 shillings. The first Parish match on the newly established Blantyre pond was against Glassford with the home team of Blantyre winning by 45 shots. 4 rinks competed.

In 1891/92 season when this photo was taken the first formal rules of the Blantyre Curling Club were drawn up, printed and exhibited in the Clubhouse. The Secretary was empowered to accept challenges from other clubs, employ a messenger to convey messages to other skips and employed a watchman to sit and watch over, or guard the pond at times when ice was forming. The Club competed in its first Lanarkshire County match with 3 rinks to play against Coatbridge (1 rink) and Hamilton (2 rinks) at Lochan Loch, but unfortunately Blantyre lost by 17 shots.

On 20th July 1892, the Club was admitted to membership of the R.C.C.C, something which would continue for the remaining life of the club.

To be continued on Part 3

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