Blantyre Curling Club – Final Part 8

Continued from Part 7

In 1973/74 a new club badge was designed by John Liddell, approved and distributed to members. A match committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary and W.C Kerr was formed to select the rinks for matches. Further honour for the club happened when W.C Kerr played in the Scottish rink competing for the Silver Broom in Canada and was presented with a framed picture.

In 1975/76, James Arneil was elected President of Lanarkshire Province.

In 1976/77, a rink skipped by W.C Kerr and including R Gardiner won the Haig’s National Senior final.

In 1978/79, James Arneil skipped the rink which won the High Road of Lanarkshire Province League. William Phillips was elected President. A mixed curlers court was held where a further 16 members were initiated. The surplus from the Stoup, some £64 was held aside for starting a fund for Centenary Celebrations. James Arneil was appointed permanent representative to the R.C.C.C and Tom Dickson appointed President being donated a silver salver. The surplus money from members donations for that salver, was used to purchase a silver rosebowl trophy for annual competitions between Blantyre and other local clubs.

The 1980’s

In 1980/81 a club sweater was designed and purchased for members. A levy of £1 for members was introduced to be put into a fund for the 1987 centenary celebrations, even then some 6 years off. The rink skipped by William Phillips, including William Browning and Ian Forsyth won the Haig’s National Senior’s Finals.

In 1981/82, Mrs Pat Borland became the Club’s first lady President. On a proposal by the Committee, for the first time boundary limits were also created for the club. These were Blantyre, Uddingston, Bothwell,. Motherwell, Starthaven, Larkhall and Hamilton. However, at the next meeting, they were rescinded and it was decided to leave membership open to people from all areas.

In 1983/84 after a sojourn in Section B of the West of Scotland League, the rink skipped by W Phillips again achieved promotion to Section A.

In 1984/85 a rink skipped by William Watson Won the Province low road knock out competition.

In 1986/87 a new annual match was inaugurated with Cadzow Club. Larry Cuff, President of Cadzow Club donated a handsome trophy to be presented to the winning club. The first match was won by Cadzow.

Pictured in the last 1980s are the Joint Centenary Committee of Blantyre Curling Club. Back left to right: Ian Forsyth, JS Evans, Tom Copstick and Grant Stewart. Front left to right: Mrs Anna Steele, Miss Moira Smith, Jim Arneil (President), Mrs Pat Borland and Mrs Jean Dickson.

In 1987, Centenary Celebrations took place for the club, as members looked back on its prestigious history and celebrated by the publication of a short Centenary booklet. The Kerr Shield continued to be played even to that year. The Trophy Winners from 1947 – 1987 of the Kerr Shield is attached for reference.

Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s , i have very little notes on Blantyre Curling club and would love to hear from members of more recent years as to what success they had, or what eventually happened to the club.

Blantyre Curling Club was still in existence in 2014/2015 season, playing for R.C.C.C matches, that season skipped by Iain Fyfe and Ian and David Morrison, though I cannot find mention online of the club after that time.

This article and its enclosures are thanks to the information provided kindly from Joan Anderson, gathered and transcribed here from a Blantyre Curling Club Centenary Booklet.

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