Mackie Family Emigrate

This photo goes back to 1962 as this cheery sextet bid farewell to Blantyre and indeed Scotland!

The youngsters, the children of Mr & Mrs David Mackie were heading off to a new life of sunshine in Australia, leaving behind their home at 1 Hillview Drive, Blantyre. What an adventure for them the trip would be too, on a four week voyage on board SS Orion, joining it at Tilbury.

David Mackie was then 35 years old and both he and his wife felt that Australia offered more opportunity for their children Linda (14), Ann (12), Jane (9.5), John (8), David (2) and baby Margaret then only 6.5 months. They admitted to reporters as this photo was taken , it was the thought of all that sunshine that swayed their decision.

Mr Mackie worked as a crane driver at Rolls Royce and was taking his family to the Perth area of Western Australia. A keen angler, he had high hopes that the fishing would be good too.

Daughter Linda is a reader of Blantyre Project following the articles here every day and it is with thanks to her for the content of this post.

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