High Blantyre Station

Pictured in the 1920’s from the Pedestrian Bridge over the railway track at High Blantyre is the former High Blantyre Train Station. This looks southwards towards Sydes Brae. The Blantyre Old Parish Church is just out the photo to the left. 

The passenger service stopped in WW2, but the line existed carrying freight and coal until the very early 60s. Just look at how busy the platform is. Blantyre has lost so much over the decades and the demolition and removal of High Blantyre Station is certainly on that list.

Today, this is now all housing.

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  1. Brings back memories of Blantyre station, just above the village, we would go to Stonehouse with my grannie, and once a year a picnic at the Stonehouse park, such amazing beautiful memories, we’d go to Ayr in summer, on a steam train, then when I was older and going to Hamilton Academy, I was awarded a train pass to get to school in Hamilton, however it wasn’t long after that the electric trains took over, full of nostalgia for me.

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