Mr Tonners Fence, 1910

Mr Tonner, a resident of Spittal raised a complaint in March 1910 directly to the Blantyre Parish Council.

He stated that he had observed workmen on the road from Blantyre to Halfway engaged in coating the wooden fences at the side of the carriageway with a coating of tar. Standing in front of the Committee in the Parish Chambers he queried “was this being done for artistic purposes?”, which caused some smiles and mild laughter.

The reaction of the committee though, was not what Mr. Tonner hoped for and when the Chairman saw the serious face of the resident, the committee Chairman responded, “It is being done to preserve the wood.”

Mr Tonner understood, but seeing the fences being coated in tar, asked if a suitable alternative could not be found? He went on to say that it ran the risk of ruining pedestrian clothes, was unsightly and made his garden smell.

The Chairman upheld the complaint and said he would speak to the Roads Surveyor to find a solution.

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