Blantyre Scouts visit WDRG

The Western Desert Recce Group, were delighted to welcome the 3rd Blantyre Scouts last night at their HQ building in Blantyre Industrial Estate.

The young visitors enjoyed talks and demonstrations about the group’s various military vehicles, the uniforms and clothing and some of the wartime weapons, including a gas firing Vickers K demo machine gun! Everybody took great interest and left satisfied with the tour.

The group is a small Charity that provides interesting opportunities for volunteers to work on restoring WW1 and WW2 military vehicles. Throughout the year they also attend various events to help raise awareness and funds for different military charities, such as Poppy Scotland, Army Benevolent Fund and Erskine Hospital.  

Likewise volunteers are taught how to drive these vintage vehicles and the group has aspirations to provide vocational qualifications in Automotive and Vintage Vehicle Restoration.

The charity is primarily manned by Veterans and welcome any ex or serving military as well as others from within Scotland.  They have members from as far as Perth, East Lothian and Ayrshire as well as from within Glasgow, North and South Lanarkshire.  Due to Covid restrictions the group have not been as active as in the past but do still meet at their workshop when permitted to do so in accordance with any current lockdown restrictions.

Gary Wallace told us, “The WDRG was well received and the Scouts left with a good idea about the LRDG and early SAS etc. Many thanks to all our guys for their great effort tonight, Iain, Mitch, Derek, Neil, Pete and Don well done Chaps.”

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