Blantyre Co-Operative Society

This photo is presumed to be Blantyre Co-Operative Society, perhaps the mens department, given the lack of female staff pictured? A slightly jovial photo with many of the men smiling happily. It’s hoped people may recognise some of the Blantyre men, though one name, Thomas Parker is known pictured on the back row, 3rd left. All finely dressed and smartly turned out, the date is unknown, but could be 1950’s or early 60s.

With thanks to Joanne Mitchell and Alex Bowie for sharing this photo.


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  1. Thanks John. The committee was certainly very “male” orientated, as i suppose were many organisations and board members then.

    1. Dear Paul,
      I now have had confirmed by his son that the James McPhail is who I thought he was and that he served on the co-op committee for many years as did my uncle Matthew at the end back right.
      There must be others still in Blantyre whose relatives were on that committee!

  2. This is not a picture of staff. I am sure this is the committee who ran the cooperative around the fifties and sixties. The extreme back right is my uncle Matthew McPhail and next to him, I am fairly sure, is another relative, James McPhail

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