1989 Old Church Hall Memories

1989 Main Street

When the Old Parish Church Halls were demolished in 1989, it prompted a few people to write in with their memories of the old building. One such person was Mrs Mary Thomson, a Women’s Guild member who wrote:

“How well I remember when the W.G. purchased the trestle tables for the hall from Alec Allison. There were 12 in all and the account came to £12.00. You can laugh at this now but we had to work very hard to have £12.00 in those days. 

Another first for the hall was provided by the W.G. and that was curtains, how grand it looked after years of yawning nothing at each window. Then, with the advent of war, we had to provide black out curtains. 

Mentioning the war reminds me that two Guild Members were on the Executive Committee of the W.V.S. and were contacted at the time of the Clydebank blitz to enquire what could be done to assist. It was agreed that he hall would be available for evacuees and, to provide more accommodation, the billiard table which was located in the middle room on the ground floor, was sent to the gun site at “the Whinns” down Blantyre Ferme Road. Coming back to the Clydebank blitz, the evacuees who came to the hall had to be provided with blankets etc. and food until such times as the W.V.S. (this was formed mainly by W.G. members) could obtain accommodation for them. Even the kitchen and parlour of the hall were occupied by a family for a spell until they were rehoused in one of Little’s cottages in Stonefield Road. 

Despite the war, there were many happy evenings spent at the hall, dances, concerts etc. all to raise funds for the war effort. Some of the older members may remember the floor of the upper hall before it was renewed- one wag from the Badminton Club reckoned you could winch behind the knots on the floor without being seen. 

Oh yes, many happy memories. Mrs Mary Thomson (date unknown but around 1989-1990) “

From a collection of church memorabilia via Anne Ellis (McLean) 

What’s YOUR memories of the Church Hall?

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