Livingstone Lion Statue, 2004

A fascinating video from 2004 filmed and owned by Jim Walker when he was over in Ireland and filmed the finishing touches being put on the Livingstone & Lion Statue. You know, the one that’s now in the David Livingstone Birthplace grounds. The commissioning, design and manufacture of the statue is covered elsewhere on Blantyre Project as was the unveiling.

Jim has permitted his brillant video to be shared here on Blantyre Project for all to enjoy. His video also captures the careful packing, bystanders comments and then transportation of the statue across the Irish Sea and over to Scotland, where it ended up on the back of a lorry.
The statue, quite the attraction was unveiled in April 2004 in the grounds, in the same location where it can still be seen today.

Kind thanks go to Jim for this wonderful insight into what happened to get that all over here!

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