1967 Prefab Fire

Wee snippet of history from 1967 next. As demolition contractors pulled down some of the prefabs in High Blantyre during Autumn 1967, a fire left behind by them caused concern for remaining residents.

Contractors had been burning rubbish on the site but one day when they left, thick smoke started to invade nearby homes, prompting residents to phone the brigade to come out to quell the smoke and flames.

This followed the burning down of a nearby hut behind 20 Afton Gardens when again the fire brigade had to come out to deal with fire. The hut door and most of its contents were burned out.

The brigade had a busy week at that time. A fire was also spotted at the bleach works at the lower end of Station Road. A wooden shed used for storing bottles was destroyed before the brigade got to it. There were no employees in at that weekend and it was thought from a nearby account that boys had climbed over the fence to cause some dangerous mischief.

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