1967 Marshall’s Boot Shop Robbery

In Summer 1967, police were dismayed to be called to a robbery in Glasgow Road….on premises not for the first time!

The property was Tyler and Marshalls Ltd Boot shop at 118 Glasgow Road. Situated on the north side at a junction, the shopkeeper opened up to discover the shop had been robbed. However, there were no signs of break in at the door or windows. Instead, the shoe thieves came in from the ceiling, from the vacant house above!

A large hole was found in the ceiling of the boot shop and a large quantity of shoes and stockings sat below it, perhaps indicating that the thieves had been disturbed or could not carry more. The stockpiled goods sat below the hole all made ready for removal. The thieves had quite a bizarre choice of items for theft in shoes, boots and stockings for next door, at 120 Glasgow Road was Frank Lehman’s jewellers.

I found no evidence of police arrests for this break in. Perhaps those responsible are still out there today, now getting on in years?!

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