Shott Gate

There’s a new name for this area of High Blantyre. Shott Gate is the official name of the small private housing development at the entrance to Shott House. Situated across from the Salveson Homes, beside Greenhall Village, the construction of 4 beautiful large family homes and garages at Shott Gate took place in Spring and Summer 2021. Work took place to improve the entrance first, including the lowering and rebuilding of the crumbling old wall and the removal of a few trees which were leaning dangerously towards traffic. The creation of a safer entrance set back off the road and formation of new pavements have added to the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

Shott House still sits nestled in amongst the walled garden at the back, still in a the private setting it has enjoyed for so long. These photos are from a few weeks ago and construction has since progressed further. Things are certainly changing in many parts of Blantyre this year!

Photos Courtesy: Blantyre Project

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